Beating Speeding Tickets the Easy Way

Beating speeding tickets is important for a lot of people. That’s because speeding tickets are one of the most popular and prevalent types of traffic tickets that people get. That’s because just about everyone is always on a hurry to get somewhere. You’re going to be late for work or you forgot about that meeting at your son’s school. So you rush. Or maybe you just really want to get home after a long and stressful day. No matter why it happens you’re speeding along when suddenly you see those lights in your review mirror and the cop pulls you over. So now what?


I got a speeding ticket. What do I do?

sppeding ticketThe first thing to remember is to look at the ticket. Make sure all of the information is correct. Not if you believe you were driving a different speed than the ticket says. Note how  long the stop lasted (the Supreme Court has determined that a traffic stop can last only 10-15 minutes). Once you’ve made all of your notes then make sure of the date of the ticket. This will tell you how long you have to go to the courthouse.

Next you want to decide what you’re going to do. You can choose to pay the ticket all at once, start a payment plan to pay it over time, or dispute the ticket. If you’re going to pay the ticket (either all at once or over time) then you simply go to the courthouse and pay. If you’re going to dispute it however there is more to the process.


What to do when you get a speeding ticket

To dispute a speeding ticket you still need to go to the courthouse by the date listed. The clerk will ask you what you want to do and you tell them you want to dispute the ticket. They will take down the information and schedule you for a court date. They may also have to call you with a court date later. Make sure you note all of the information about date and time so that you don’t miss your court appearance. You may want to talk to a lawyer or do some research on your states speeding laws. You will definitely want to think about your argument on the ticket.

Are you going to dispute on the grounds that you weren’t speeding? If you say that then you’ll need to have a reason for why the cop thought you were. Was their method of detection faulty? It’s possible that their radar wasn’t working properly or was pointed at a different car. Or maybe they didn’t use radar and they didn’t accurately judge your speed visually. All of these are possibilities that you could argue and you will want to know which one you are going to use. Make sure you stick with one because this gives the impression that you are sure what happened. If you give the judge several options it just sounds like you’re trying to get out of a ticket without cause.

How to dispute a speeding ticket

If you’re going to dispute a speeding ticket it will be in court. This means you will be in front of a judge and you will have the opportunity to confront the officer that pulled you over. You will have the opportunity to present your case as well. So the first step is what we mentioned above, prepare. Have your side of the story ready and well reasoned so that when you present it to the judge, it seems reasonable.

Make sure you can present your case well. The best type of defense for a speeding ticket is generally to say that you weren’t the one speeding or that the officer made a visual detection error. Saying that the radar was not working properly tends not to work as often. Some police stations fail to calibrate their radar detectors, which can make them faulty however most, remember to do this and can prove how the radar works easily when called upon. Try to avoid this type of defense.


Beating speeding ticket in court

Next comes the process of actually beating the ticket. In order for this to work you have to have done all of the steps above. You have to have everything written down from when it was fresh in your mind. You have to have a reason that you were pulled over, and you need to have a good way of presenting your information. Once you have this you’ve already made it halfway through the battle because you’re ready for going to court. Then comes the hard part. Getting up in front of the judge and actually presenting your case.

Whenever you present a case in court you want to look and sound professional. That means wearing dress clothes and addressing everyone politely. It may not seem like it’s important to winning your case, but it definitely is. You then want to make sure you open with your main point and your reason for disputing the ticket. Avoid saying the officer was ‘mean’ or the ticket was ‘stupid’. You also want to avoid saying that the officer discriminated against you unless you have good proof to back it up.

You’ll get a chance to talk with the officer as well and this is a time when you can ask them about the points you’re making. For example if you are disputing whether the radar was pointed at your car you could ask if they are 100% sure it couldn’t have picked up the car beside you. If you’re disputing their visual ability to gauge speed you could ask them when the last time was they had this ability tested. These things help the judge to see that you may not have actually been speeding or may not have been the one speeding. This helps you to win your case and avoid not only the fines, but points on your license as well.  Try to beat speeding ticket – it’s good for many reasons.

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